A Poem by Jesse’s Teacher, Mrs. Sargent


A shining star for all to see
A true friend you will always be.
Always there with a ready smile
Willing to try and go the extra mile.

We learned so much from you
About the things we should and shouldn’t do.
Live, Laugh and give love,
You truly were a gift from above.

Seldom did I see you sad,
And even less did I see you mad.
A little ray of sunshine in my day,
Even now that you’ve been called away.

Often I think of the shine of your eyes,
And the courage in your soul.
To be a little more like you
Would be my number one goal.

To this day I remember the joy on your sweet little face
When we finally knew The SOX had won their race!

All these things and so much more I will recall,
About the sweet boy who in my eyes stood ten feet tall.

Thank you, Jesse for sharing a small peice of your life with me
You made life richer and others agree.
You will always be a shining star for the world to see.

Mrs. Sargent – KRMS
(Kearsarge Regional Middle School)