Compassionate Friends Newsletter

Strangers Become Friends

A group of strangers, not one familiar face
How could any comfort, be found in this place?
Searching for answers, looking to find
Some hope, some understanding, or just pease of mind.
Someone to tells us we are not going insane
These emotions we’re feeling, a way of dealing with pain.
The sorrow in our hearts, the future we fear
Will any of this sadness ever really disappear?
We laugh, we cry, as a way to get by,
We share, we care, to lessen our despair.
We listen, we hear, to understand our fear,
We joke, we cope, in search of some hope,
What brought us together, that allowed our paths to cross
Was the shared experience and the pain of a loss.
The loss of a child or a sibling, so precious, so dear,
Is what binds us together and brought us all here.
We’ve gained strength with each passing day
And with the help of those around us, we are finding our way.
For we can now justify, what it is we feel
And with this added strength we will continue to heal.
What strongly bonds us, not everyone comprehends
How a group of total strangers, has now become friends.