Brian McCauley was chosen as the winner for the 2010 Spirit Award!!!

“from the positive attitude I have seen him exhibit at Health Services.”

“He’s upbeat AND he’s a devoted sports fan.”

“He’s well liked by his classmates and teachers, has developed some leadership abilities and, in short, is the obvious choice for the inauguration of this award.”

“for his increased willingness to try, to explore, and to eat new things that are presented to him with enthusiasm! This is one of Brian’s greatest challenges, and he demonstrates self-motivation to expand his interactions with the world.”

“He is always positive, happy and engages both staff and peers in a respectful conversation. He shares from the bottom of his heart.”

“Just like Jesse, Brian is such a nice and hard working kid who enjoys being with staff and peers and always has such a positive attitude making him an ideal candidate for this award.”

“He is always positive and works hard.”

“always interested in making positive conversations with others and ask people ‘how they are doing’ while really wanting to know.”

“positive, hard working and a pleasure to encounter in Lower School.”