Chloe H. selected as 2016 Spirit Award Winner!

Jesse Isabelle Spirit Award 2016 Finalists

Amalia Alexandre (3 Nominations)

I would like to nominate Amalia Alexandre for the Seventh Annual Jesse Isabelle Spirit Award. I have worked with Amalia over the past school year and collaborated with her team who has worked with her for numerous years at The Lower School. Over the course of Amalia’s time at The Lower School she has worked to better handle frustration and recognize her valuable and unique capabilities. At times, Amalia has shared frustration regarding her vision and hearing impairments. Reading, doing crafts, or planning a cute outfit for the day are all things she enjoys but often wishes were quicker and easier for her. However, recently she has been more willing to try technology that make these activities simpler and works collaboratively with staff to problem solve. Most notably, I have seen Amalia utilize strengths such as her sense of humor, ability to work with others, and imagination to see challenges in a new light. It has been a pleasure to watch Amalia’s confidence and positive attitude bloom. We are excited to see what she will do next! Warm Regards,
– Leslie Hill, MS, OTRIL

Amalia has worked so hard especially this year, to accept herself and to work through her challenges. She has blossomed into such a hardworking and caring young woman.
– Lindsay Lush

Amalia has a spirit that needs to be recognized! She has been a student in the Lower School for 9 years. Amalia is literally and figuratively a cheerleader of Perkins. In the 9 years as a student, Amalia has grown in so many ways. She has learned to be a friend to many, and is quick to lend a hand in the time on need. Amalia is more accepting and tolerate of others. Although, self-acceptance is a life-long goal, Amalia is on her way. As Amalia becomes more aware of her challenges, she is developing a greater understand of what she has to offer others. She has also learned more appropriate ways to handle disappointments. Amalia has also had to overcome family situations greater than most of us could ever dream of. Her level of understand her family dynamics is remarkable. As Amalia moves on to Secondary, I am sure she will continue to make a difference in other people’s lives. I recommend Amalia highly for this award.
– Becky Vercollone

Chloe Hennessey (6 nominations)

I think Chloe Hennessey would be an excellent nominee. She is incredibly positive and sweet!
– Rebecca Lam

I’d like to nominate Chloe Hennessy! She’s always positive and caring, and really takes the time to get to know others in the lower school. She cares so much about taking care of her friends and roommate. She is always smiling and brightens every day! It’s impossible not to smile when you’re spending time with Chloe.
– Miriam Zisook

My vote goes to Chloe Hennessy. She is the epitome of the qualities that we remember Jesse for … Super positive about everything; so kind and thoughtful with peers; enthusiastic way beyond reason (everyone gets to be bored sometimes, but it doesn’t seem true of Chloe -whatever we do is what she is most excited to do!}. She’s a delightful person, and it would be lovely for her to be honored. Thanks.
– Lisa Martino

I vote for Chloe Hennessey. She truly has a similar spirit and soul as Jesse -Always smiling, super positive attitude, always gives 100% effort in everything she does, and she seems to lift up the spirits of everyone she encounters – just like our dear beloved Jesse. Hope she wins!
– Michael Bertolami

Chloe Hennesey arrived just last year and almost immediately became an important member of our school community. She is cheerful and friendly to everyone. She has a great sense of humor. She has some real difficult physical challenges but she handles them valiantly.
– Peg Beck

Chloe is the most positive student and person that I have ever met, ever! You know how you say a person is “glowing”? Well, Chloe is always glowing! And she makes everyone she meets feel special…always! When she sees you, she gives you the most unbelievable smile and says your name really loud like you are the most special person in the world and that she is sooooooo happy to see you. She is a friend to everyone she meets. Chloe has a lot of challenges but she is always upbeat, wants to try everything and wants to be independent! If you aren’t in the best of moods and you cross paths with Chloe …. you can’t help but smile and be happy! She is an amazing young woman. She is also your typical teen …. loves music, certain “teen idols”, hanging with her friends, shopping, cool accessories and so on. Chloe is a ray of sun shine every minute of every day! What an inspiration for us all!
– Betsey Porter

Daniel Weiner (5 nominations)

I would like to nominate Daniel Wiener. In his five years at Lower School, Daniel has proven to be a great friend to staff and students alike. Daniel is one of the most naturally kind students I have ever worked with. He is always ready to say a friendly hello and have a short conversation with anyone he encounters. He is always one to ask his peer why they are upset and gives thoughtful compliments to his friends. He’s also a sports fan and is constantly wearing Red Sox/Patriots/Celtics apparel. Lower School will miss Dan as he moves onto Secondary this summer. – Erin Calder

I would like to nominate Daniel Weiner who is also friendly to everyone. He is a kind and gentle person. – Peg Beck

Daniel is a very kind young man. He is a friend to everyone, and although he is a little shy, he always tries hard to let you know that you are important, and says “hello” and “how you doing” in his deep teen voice! Dan has a lot of challenges and still tries hard and doesn’t complain. He is the sweetest young man to his twin brother who is also at Perkins. He encourages him and always has a kind word and a hug for him. Dan is a wonderful young man! – Betsy Porter

I was very fortunate to have worked in Lower School when Jesse was a student here. didn’t have the good fortune to work directly with Jesse. l was however, lucky to watch him brighten the days of others (including mine) with just his presence and smile. Daniel Wiener does the same here in Lower School. His enormous smile is quite infectious. He is caring, generous, funny, and curious about learning everything and anything. Daniel has been doing the Lower School attendance job for many years. He goes from classroom to classroom collecting the attendance sheets daily. He makes everyone smile. He considers everyone his friend and misses them when they are absent. Daniel will be missed greatly in Lower School when he graduates. I am sure the Secondary staff and students will realize quickly how fortunate they are to have Daniel! – Jeannie Kelly

I would like to nominate Daniel Wiener. Daniel is a good friend to all and a pleasure to have as a student. He is a thoughtful and caring young man who loves to be with his friends. He loves to sing, to stop to smell the flowers and to help others. He always makes a point to introduce himself to new students and staff and make them feel included. These are just a few reasons that I think he deserves the Jesse award. – Mary Walsh