Nick Klayman was chosen as the winner for the 2011 Spirit Award!!!

Nick Klayman (11 nominations)

The one and only student I thought of for this award is Nick.

I nominate Nick Klayman for the Jesse Isabelle Spirit Award because he has the virtues that Jesse had— he is always enthusiastic, positive and friendly when he comes to deliver newspaper to us.

He always greets us by our names, gives us a big smile and very so often sings to us!!!!

He’s just that type of student who I don’t really know that well, but he always leaves our room making my students and staff members happy.

He’s a student who’s clearly got spirit and spunk, just like Jesse. I think he deserves to win this award!

Nicholas is a charming, joyful, always positive young man.

He has the ability to brighten up the day of those who are lucky enough to spend time with him

Nicholas enjoys bowling, but what Nicholas really loves to do is to cheer for others